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Channel Believix by rebecca0105


Hello! :wave:
I decided to critique this because you posted a journal about a certain deviant that wrote a very blunt, rude, and unfair critique on this.

Her hair is flowing well according to her stance. In my opinion, I think it looks very nice!

In general, her head and neck shape look very nice. These are also well drawn according to the style you drew it in.

The wings are great; in fact, they are my favorite part of the picture! Maybe they could be a tad bit lighter so that way they look a bit more translucent, like fairy wings.

Her clothes and color scheme are great, but her skirt should be just a tad bit longer, or more layered. Imagine if she bent over; you'd be able to see her panties! :icontsumugiplz: Her shoes don't really match the color scheme and style of her dress though, but they still manage to look nice on her! Maybe instead of the light green sparkle in her shoes, try white or a lighter green instead. I mean, you don't have to, but try it out sometime. ^^

Here's the part that has the most flaws; the anatomy. I understand that the style of art is very angular, but I think her waist is a little too small. Maybe widen her abdomen (or belly or whatever it's called) and make her breasts a tad bit larger. Don't overdo it though, then in won't be the same anymore!

I really like the arms and hands! I don't really know how to explain them, I just know that they look great! They, of course, do not follow correct anatomy. But of course, this is a cartoon style that doesn't follow human anatomy very well anyway :XD:

Her left leg is a little awkward. Her thigh and calve are sort of proportional, but her knee needs to be a tad bit wider. Oh, and make her calve just a bit rounder; Other than that, I think it looks great! Her pose is cute; I like how you pulled off a simple stance and made it look special!

Not really much to say about the background; I just like it in general. Maybe you should add more sparkle to the font so it pops out a bit more.

If I misspelled or missed anything, please excuse me. Spanish is my first language, and I often get things mixed up. >///>
Please reply with your thoughts on my critique. This is my first time doing this c:
I would feel a bit down if you just said "Thanks for the critique!". I took the time out of my night and message-checking to do this for you because I know you really wanted tips on improving, and opinions on how others see your art.
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rebecca0105 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
entonces, si hablas espaņol porque no lo escribes en espaņol :XD: mi idioma es espaņol tambien :)
oreostoner Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Oh! No sabia, gracias por decirme! Ahora es mas facil ablar contigo XD
rebecca0105 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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